Membership is a 3 month commitment, cancel any time after this initial period with a 30 day notice.
By signing up for our Auto-Renew Membership you are able to participate in our twice a month mastermind group and have access to our space on the day of the mastermind. We want to honor your commitment to your business and by doing so we ask that you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

*No suspensions or extensions will be permitted. We ask that you commit to your business.

*Membership is for one person only

*The amount of $100.00 will draft out of your account on the same day as the date of sale. If you would like the amount drafted out on a different date you must inform us at the time of purchase so we can re-arrange your draft date.
*The Auto-Renew will continue to draft out of your account with no end date unless termination is requested.
*A minimum of 30 days notice prior to your next withdrawal (beyond the 3 month commitment)  is required in order for us to terminate your Auto-Renew.
*For termination of Auto-Renew you are responsible for emailing : heni@circleandmoon.com
*We will send you a confirmation email back to you to confirm that your termination is complete.
*No refunds or account credits are given as a method of return.

*You have read our Terms and Conditions


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