Her success is not proof that you're losing...

Her success is not proof that you're losing. Her success is just proof that it's possible" -bossbabe


It seems to be the nature of a woman to compete, rather than help her fellow sister. How the minds of women in our society are structured is to raise girls to see each other as competitors, not for jobs or accomplishments, but for the attention of men.

‘Girl boss’ is a woman of character, hard-working and goal-driven, mature and cooperative, a leader and a team player, chasing success - not men! Women are rising in the ranks throughout politics, corporate America, and likewise, the entrepreneurial world. If only all women could work together, in harmony, to motivate and inspire the youth to be greater. Collaboration is more valuable than competition in this sense.

Learning to overlook petty situations, see the good in people, and cooperate for the painting of the bigger picture is absolutely necessary to succeed at being a girl boss.

Our mission here in Circle+Moon is to build a community of girl bosses who believe in collaborating with the strong women among us to achieve bigger and better things beyond what we can imagine. 

Heni Kovacs