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THE ART OF LEADING A SOULFUL BUSINESS - Planning for a Year of 360-degree Success

Planning, strategy, + creating action plans for your business can feel overwhelming, confusing, + tedious to do on your own. It’s so easy to get stuck in your own head, or delay doing the bigger-picture planning and visioning that you know you should do, but feel resistant to.

It’s equally tempting to bypass the big “why,” our deepest desires, + our own authentic way of doing things for the sake of running our businesses “the right way,” or the way we see others doing things.

We want to keep up, and yet our soul calls us to dance to the beat of our own rhythm.

We push and force ourselves to meet goals we set a year ago, and our soul asks us to embrace more fluidity and willingness to change course.

We constantly aim to do more, grow bigger, and arrive at our destination. Our soul asks us to slow down, focus, grow deeper, and re-align our path to feel more abundant throughout the journey.

There is an art to leading a soulful business that prioritizes your uniquely feminine brain, body, instincts, experience, desires, and genius. This is the path to leading {and loving} your business, and creating a life that feels successful and balanced in all ways, from finances and daily operations to relationships and self-care.

Join Certified Soulful Success Coach for women entrepreneurs, leaders, + change-makers, Emily Cassel, for a day of sisterhood, soulful strategy, + sustainable success hacks to use in your business and life to make 2018 your most successful year yet!

Together, we’ll gather in a beautiful, sacred, inspiring, and supportive space of sisterhood and create clarity, confidence, + momentum around your deepest desires for life, business, + leadership in the year ahead.

A healthy lunch will be provided, as well as snacks + tea throughout the day.

Expect to walk away with…

  • A clear 360-degree vision for your life + business in 2018

  • Your personal theme for the year for what you’d love to master, embody, + contribute through your leadership

  • A strategic timeline and map for your most fulfilling year yet

  • An inspiring and profitable plan that you feel confident and energized to follow through on effortlessly

  • Strategies to take aligned action with less hustle + pushing, and more flow + ease

  • A fearless, limitless, + expanded perspective about what’s possible for you

This is for you if…

  • You tend to have a to-do list a mile long

  • You have a tendency of pushing yourself too hard (to the point of burnout or procrastination)

  • You’re unclear on your mission, vision, and/or bigger picture “why” behind your business

  • You’re feeling unclear about how to bridge the gap between where you are + where you’d love to be in your business and life

  • You feel like you’ve hit a plateau or a ceiling in your business, and things aren’t progressing or growing at the rate you’re used to or expecting

  • You have a difficult time finding balance when it comes to taking action in your business + creating boundaries between your work and the other areas of your life

  • You feel like you’re always busy, working hard, + wondering if you’re doing enough

  • You’re intrigued by learning more about leveraging your distinctly feminine brain, body, instincts, + energy in your business and life


Earlier Event: January 4
Later Event: January 7
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