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WORKSHOP - Learn to articulate your value and Elevate your Impact

Led by transformative coach, Virginia Nava, this workshop is inspired to create more impact in the world. And the way we create more impact is through conversations, whether the conversations are happening online or networking or during coffee. We need to be ready to articulate our value, and also ready to ask for a value-exchange. This workshop is designed as a strategic day filled with exercises, reflections and transformation. It will help you be ready for that next conversation you want to create which matters. 

The workshop will have strategic tools with Virginia's own unique strategic methodologies, inspiration, questions and practice depending on size of the group in couples or group discussion.

It is important to bring in mind a specific conversation you would like to create, Whether a sponsor, a new client, new relationship postings in social media. Pick one which is the most important to you and the questions you have.

Earlier Event: May 23
Later Event: May 30