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As a solopreneur, building your business and working from home is a beautiful opportunity but can also be extremely lonely. 

There is magic that happens when amazing women come together to support each other, collaborate and brainstorm ideas. 

We have taken an active approach to making this a reality! Once a week, we gather around the table with some awesome bullet proof coffee, power snacks and a group of creative, driven women to support one another. These 4-hour co-working sessions are designed to foster connection and encourage productivity (get sh*t done). 

The first hour is focused on women connecting and supporting one another. The rest of the time is designed to encourage productivity through accountability. Our sessions are structured this way so that we can make the most out of the day. Connection and productivity is essential for professional growth and support and accountability is essential for community. It’s the only way to get the results we are looking for in our businesses and ourselves. 

Each group is curated intentionally and limited to 8 exceptional women - so that we can maximize results for everyone.

Bring your computers, tablets and note books, and let's collaborate on projects, brainstorm ideas and serve as a sounding board to each other.


If you're:

- currently building your business, and you'd like to meet other women doing the same... 

- work from home, but long for thoughtful conversations and a greater sense of community....

- desire to have a circle of women in your life who can give you feedback, make recommendations, or test out your new product...this group is for you!