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The life stage of adults is typically a period of responsibility, financial concern, mundane work and a consciousness of survival. Most adults have put their personal dreams on hold, have forgotten about them or have never known what they are. 

Women often have added responsibility of family and children and place themselves last in line to do what they truly wish to do.

The way we think our lives should look and be, is dictated by social conditioning rather than a sense of inner purpose. The way others have told us since childhood life what our lives should be like has shaped our world. Due to the nature of this people, often striving to be what society dictates rather than connecting with themselves and who they truly are. This causes stress, fear, anxiety and disconnect within themselves and in turn can creates people who are unhappy and filled with fears.

The workshop objective is to encourage people to explore the following through the utilisation of the Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver. 

The aim of the workshop is to guide people to assess, let go of their fears and create their true dream. This will assist them in the formation of their own concept of self and connect them with their passion and purpose in life. By doing so, they are able to find greater meaning in life when they connect to their aspirations and dreams. Releasing their fears allows the potential to create dreams 

We address these questions - 

 -What is fear and how to deal with it?
   -What are my personal fears? And where do they come from?
   - How can I overcome my fears?
  -What is my dream for this life?
  -How to create my dream life?
  -The qualities one needs for the creation of dreams and how to develop them.
    -How can I take a step closer to realising my dreams and aspirations?



Kim Normand Dobrin has had a successful international career for over 27 years.

Milestones - Representing Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Institute – Formed by Steven Spielberg in South Africa for 18 yrs.

Founding Director of the Apartheid Museum

Human Rights Commission for Education – Board Member

Founder/CEO of Tolerance Foundation teaching over 70 000 children life skills based on history i.e. – Apartheid, Holocaust, Rwanda and Kosovo.

Founder - Tomorrow Trust supporting Orphaned and Vulnerable children/youth with education to release them from the cycle of poverty.

Ashoka Fellow and has studied at Harvard Kennedy School of International Studies.

Author of 3 best sellers in South Africa- Tomorrow, A Mother’s Legacy and Raising Wisdom. Kim is a co-author of an inspiring children’s book range- Freeing Freddie- The Dream Weaver.

·      Runner up of ‘The South African Social Entrepreneur of the year’ award 2009.

·      Life time honorary member of Golden Key.

·      Winner of the Most Influential Women in Business and Government” Welfare sector for 2009/2010

·      Voted and chosen as top 4 in the Ernst and Young World Social Entrepreneur of the Year award- 2011

·      Awarded and acknowledged by the State of California Legislature for exceptional work done in uplifting children and youth 2012

·      Winner of Exemplary Women Leadership Award 2013

·      Winner of Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Award 2014

·      Selected to attend the Skoll World Forum in Oxford 2014

·      Nominated for the Jewish Achiever Awards 2015

·      Winner of Inspiring Fifty Awards 2017- hosted by the Consul General of the Netherlands


Kim is known for her passion and love for children, education and Human Rights and the belief of accessing and developing potential.

Kim is a sought after international speaker and is known for her TED talk

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