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Science of Meditation: how it changes our biology and lives

We have all heard that meditation is good for you, but good in what terms? Do you need to meditate for 10 years, 10 weeks, 10 days, or 10 minutes to see results? Which meditation is the best? Is there a wrong way to meditate? How can you quite the mind? 

Join Nomi Shmerling, Ph.D (c) for an evening exploring what science has learned about the benefits of meditation. We will answer common questions and explore a greater understanding of meditation to learn how our bodies and our minds transform with a simple practice of meditation daily. 

This workshop will make meditation an experiential experienceby guiding you into a compassion meditation, and then informing you about what benefits you receive from incorporating meditation into you daily life. 

The purpose of this workshop is:

  • To use science to understand the ancient practice of meditation.
  • To learn what meditation is, and what it does to our bodies and mind.
  • Explore what Eastern practices have shared with us about meditation. 
  • Bring inspiration and guidance to beginning a meditation practice in today’s busy world.

You will learn what studies in neuroplasticity and psychology have begun to revel that we can:

  • Increase states of relaxation,
  • Regulate our emotions,
  • Improve our health and well-being,
  • Become more focused, 
  • As well as enhance self-awareness.
Earlier Event: September 25
Later Event: October 1
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