Monthly unlimited access when you use auto-bill. Membership is a 3 month commitment, cancel any time after this initial period with a 30 day notice.
By signing up for our Auto-Renew Monthly Membership you receive unlimited access to our space at the exceptional price of only $200.00/mo. We want to honor your commitment to your business and by doing so we ask that you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

*No suspensions or extensions will be permitted. We ask that you utilize the space and commit to your business.

*Membership is for one person only

*The amount of $200.00 will draft out of your account on the same day as the date of sale. If you would like the amount drafted out on a different date you must inform us at the time of purchase so we can re-arrange your draft date.
*The Auto-Renew will continue to draft out of your account with no end date unless termination is requested.
*A minimum of 30 days notice prior to your next withdrawal (beyond the 3 month commitment)  is required in order for us to terminate your Auto-Renew.
*Because of the 30 day notice requirement, when signing up for Auto-Renew you are committing to a minimum of 4 months of Unlimited Access before termination is available. 
*For termination of Auto-Renew you are responsible for emailing : heni@circleandmoon.com
*We will send you a confirmation email back to you to confirm that your termination is complete.
*No refunds or account credits are given as a method of return.

*You have read our Terms and Conditions


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