mastermind for female entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers

As a fempreneur, building your business and working from home is a beautiful opportunity but can also be extremely lonely. 

There is magic that happens when amazing women come together to support each other, collaborate and brainstorm ideas. 

We have taken an active approach to making this a reality! Twice a month, we gather around the table with some awesome coffee, power snacks and a group of creative, driven women to support one another. These 2-hour mastermind sessions are designed to foster connection and encourage productivity (get sh*t done). 

You could greatly benefit from this program if you are:

- currently building your business, and you'd like to meet other women doing the same... 

- work from home, but long for thoughtful conversations and a greater sense of community....

- desire to have a circle of women in your life who can give you feedback, make recommendations, or test out your new product...this group is for you!



These groups meet for 3 consecutive months and are focused on women connecting and supporting one another. They are designed to encourage productivity through accountability. We intentionally structured our sessions this way so that we can make the most out of our days. Connection and productivity are essential for professional growth and support and accountability are essential for community. It’s the only way to get the results we are looking for in our businesses and ourselves. 

Each group is carefully curated and limited to 8 exceptional women - so that we can maximize results for everyone.


I personally have gained exceptional clarity on the programs, and business that I’m launching. And gave great thought and received great insight into how I should be packaging up myself.

-Nomi S.✨

I loved the mastermind program SO much. Being surrounded by women who are also trying to do the hard thing of being entrepreneurs and living as their authentic selves kept me motivated and encouraged every week to do the same. I not only gained so much clarity and direction for my business through my discussions with these women every week but I also gained access to a tribe of women who motivate encourage and challenge me to live this life accordingly. I honestly think the trajectory of my business was impacted greatly as a result and I highly recommend the mastermind meetings.  


Through group discussion, brainstorming, intension setting with accountability, the Mastermind Group sessions at Circle and Moon helped me to define what my vision is for my company and how I need to get there. Set in a beautiful and inviting space, as a female entrepreneur, I felt very connected to the group and each session was very productive. I strongly encourage other business women owners or women who are looking to start their own business to sign up for the next Circle and Moon Mastermind group. 

-Kristina M. ✨

I discovered Circle + Moon Mastermind Group during a time of transition in my life. I was interested, but hesitant to join the group because I am not currently a business owner and did not consider myself an entrepreneur. However, I had made a decision to leave my salary job and had an idea to possibly start something new. I felt the perspective from women taking risks and supporting one another’s career ideas would be helpful, but I was concerned I would not fit in. Heni and the group made me feel welcome with their authenticity and vulnerability. I learned so much from their sharing of experiences, both from a business perspective and a human perspective. I began to form new ideas and gained strength from the group. Heni had a plan every week, but allowed for flexibility as discussions unfolded. Also, I felt valued and heard, which I believe is something that Circle + Moon encourages in all women. This group helped me continue on the path of discovering my vision, helped me feel useful in aiding and holding space for other women, and helped me build confidence and community in the process!

-Sam O.✨

I participated at the Mastermind because I was curious, I love Heni's style and depth and while I didn't really know what to expect because every mastermind takes their own unique form, it was good that I didn't know what to expect, because I received a lot of unexpected gifts from it, this is what I received: the gift of a loving community, the loving leadership from Heni, loving support from amazing women, an ability to focus and key my intentions for the week, growing together. 

At the beginning I resisted to be there weekly because I have a certain amount of hours I work, I was scared of committing for that many hours, I am glad I did, because I believe what was the most valuable was the continuity of the program, been able to see each-other every week, share our progress, intentions and challenges in a loving/helpful environment. I am already missing the beautiful women from the mastermind group.

-Virginia N.✨